What should I do if the gear pump can not suck oil or pressure?

In the maintenance of gear pumps, it is similar to the common failures of other hydraulic pump repairs, and there is also the case of no oil absorption and no pressure. When gear pumps face this kind of situation, should they follow the life-like maintenance method to carry out inspection and repair? We have summarized the 9 situations that cause the gear pump to not suck oil and have no pressure. In the future, you can perform gear pump maintenance in the following order.


●The failure situation of gear pump can not suck oil and no pressure:
1. The rotation direction of the prime mover and the pump are inconsistent
2. The pump drive key falls off
3. The oil inlet and outlet are reversed
4. The liquid level in the fuel tank is too low, and the suction pipe mouth is exposed
5. The speed is too low and the suction power is insufficient
6. The oil cat is too high or too low
7. The suction pipe or filter device is blocked, causing poor oil absorption
8. The filtration accuracy of the suction filter is too high, resulting in poor oil absorption
9. Leakage in suction pipe


●The elimination method of gear pump can not suck oil without pressure:
1. Correct the rotation direction of the prime mover
2. Reinstall the transmission key
3. Select the correct connection method according to the instructions
4. Replenish the oil above the minimum level line
5. Increase the speed to reach the minimum speed of the pump
6. Use the recommended cat working oil
7. Clean the pipeline or filter device to remove the blockage; replace or filter the oil in the oil tank
8. Choose the filter correctly according to the product samples and instructions
9. Check the connections of the pipeline, and seal and firm

Although the gear pump is structurally different from other hydraulic pumps, it still has a large part of the source of the failure that causes it to not absorb oil and has no pressure. And in terms of structure, the structure of the gear pump is the simplest of all pumps, so whether it is disassembly or maintenance, it is relatively simple, it is easier to reach the source of the failure, and the maintenance process is faster and more convenient.

Post time: Jun-03-2020