About Us


Qingdao Runfeng Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is a high-end equipment manufacturing company specializing in the production and sales of high-pressure plunger pumps, motors and other basic hydraulic components and parts; the company adheres to the scientific and technological innovation as the basis, and creates opportunities for employees and benefits for society Have a complete management system and management team with advanced management concepts.

The company has established a unique manufacturing system, with a complete set of manufacturing processes and equipment from precision casting, precision machining, heat treatment, bimetal sintering, assembly to testing all plunger pumps and motors. It has internationally advanced fully automatic machining and hydraulics. There are more than a thousand sets of component testing equipment, which have passed ISO9001 quality system certification.

The company adheres to the joint development strategy of hydraulic parts and components, has a provincial “hydraulic pump technology research and development center”, undertakes major scientific and technological projects such as the national torch plan, and works closely with many well-known universities in China to jointly develop new hydraulic technology products. The company's self-developed high-pressure plunger pumps, motors and reducers have stable and reliable quality for many years, and are the preferred suppliers of many main engine manufacturers at home and abroad.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "high quality, multiple varieties and fast service", the company strives to enter the ranks of the best manufacturers of hydraulic components and spare parts in China and even the world, and configures "Chinese core" for engineering equipment.

Products are widely used in engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, road machinery, mining machinery, medical machinery, metallurgical machinery, ships, machine tools and many other fields. After years of research and development, the company can manufacture imported products that can replace imported original parts and export them to 185 countries and regions, which have been fully recognized by customers.

The company's development always adheres to people-oriented, respect for knowledge, collective struggle and pragmatic innovation. Focus on talent training and introduction, co-construct industry-university-research bases with many domestic universities and colleges, carry out technological research and development, product innovation, and have multiple invention patents and multiple utility model patents; continuously improve the company's product quality and meet customers' high standards Requirements, work with new and old customers to create brilliant!

Product Application


Engineering Plant
Hydraulic pumps and motors on equipment such as excavators, pavers, rollers, drills, bulldozers, heavy excavators, road mixers, etc.

Construction Machine
Hydraulic pumps, motors, etc. on concrete pump trucks, concrete pump truck transporters, concrete mixer trucks, pile drivers and other equipment.

Industrial Equipment
Hydraulic pumps and motors on polyurethane foam machines, ceramic presses, plastic machinery, chemical equipment, metallurgical equipment, etc.

Ship Aviation
Towing ship machine. Anchor cranes, cranes, dredgers, dredging vessels, etc. are used in ship control systems and hydraulic pumps and motors in operating systems.