Details Of Fixing Piston Pump

We know that the plunger pump is expensive and expensive, but it has good performance, high efficiency and low noise. For the plunger pump, no matter how careful the maintenance is, the running time is long, and it still needs to be repaired. In the maintenance of hydraulic pumps, the maintenance of plunger pumps is relatively difficult, because of its relatively complicated structural problems. In the process of repairing the plunger pump, what are some small details that we need to pay attention to?

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1.For the repair of the plunger pump, you must first select a clean environment to dismantle the parts, and the dismantled parts need to be placed separately, so that the subsequent installation is not prone to problems. Many people have never developed the habit of disassembling the parts of a plunger pump or several plunger pumps everywhere. The result is that the wrong parts are used during installation, which wastes man-hours.   

2.When repairing plunger pumps, people also need to be careful not to damage the surface of the equipment, which will have a certain impact on later use. In order to ensure that the equipment can work normally, its pressure needs to be controlled, which can be effective Reduce its chance of failure. The wear of some equipment surfaces will cause a series of phenomena such as subsequent pressure leaks. The cause may be due to several scratched surfaces that were careless during the maintenance of the hydraulic pump.

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3.When repairing the plunger pump, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent dust or foreign objects from entering the equipment. This is also what maintenance personnel need to pay attention to. It is best to cover the fuel tank with a cover during maintenance. In the past, Otto had encountered many kinds of this phenomenon, all of which were repaired by themselves, and then the fuel tank cap was not covered, which caused the oil to be contaminated and caused various damages in the subsequent work.   

4.As the use time of the plunger pump increases, the equipment will wear out and debris will be generated. When the plunger pump is repaired, it must be cleaned up, which can effectively reduce the occurrence of use failures. If the debris is not cleaned in time, it will be scattered in various parts in the follow-up work, which will affect the operation of other parts and eventually lead to failure.

In the maintenance of hydraulic pumps, the plunger pump is a big head, many people are used, and the cost is also high. In general, customers will not give up casually. In the maintenance of plunger pumps, paying attention to the above details will make us more proficient in maintenance work.

Post time: Jul-24-2020