Rexroth Hydraulic Piston Pump Displament 28-250 A4VG

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1. Swash plate type axial plunger variable pump for closed loop hydrostatic transmission 2. Flow fish drive speed and displacement are proportional and can be infinitely variable

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1. Swash plate type axial plunger variable pump for closed loop hydrostatic transmission

2. Flow fish drive speed and displacement are proportional and can be infinitely variable

3. The flow rate increases to the maximum value with the swash plate swing angle zero

4. Make the swash plate swing through the middle position to change the flow direction smoothly

5. Convenient and simple multiple variable ways to match various control and regulation systems

6. The pump is equipped with two relief valves on the high-pressure oil side to protect the hydrostatic transmission

7. The high-pressure relief valve also has the function of a charge valve

8. Built-in auxiliary pump is used as charge pump and control pump

9. All series with built-in pressure cut-off valve

Technical Data


Model Display

Serial NO. Model
R902000557 A4VG28DA1D3R/32R-NZC10F015S
R902000563 A4VG56EP2D2/32R-NZC02F003S
R902000564 A4VG71EP2DM2/32R-NZF02F001D
R902000568 A4VG56EP1D1/32L-NSC02F003F
R902000572 A4VG71HWD3L/32R-NZF02F001S
R902000589 A4VG125EP1D2/32R-NZF02F011S-K
R902000590 A4VG125EP1D2/32R-NZF02F011S
R902000594 A4VG125EP2/32+A4VG71EP2/32
R902000607 A4VG125EP2DM1/32R-NZF02F001D-S
R902000616 A4VG125EP2DM1/32R-NZF02F00XD-S
R902000708 A4VG56HWD1/32R-NZC02F003D
R902000709 A4VG56HWD3L/32R-NZC02F003D
R902000768 A4VG56EP2/32+A4VG56EP2/32
R902000769 A4VG56EP2DM1/32R-NAC02F073S
R902000770 A4VG56EP2DM1/32R-NSC02F003S
R902000771 A4VG28DA1D2/32R-NZC10F015S
R902000772 A4VG125DA2D8/32R-NAF02F011S
R902000773 A4VG90EP2DT1/32R-NZF02F003D
R902000774 A4VG71HDD1/32L-NZF02F041D
R902000775 A4VG40HDD1/32L-NAC02F043D
R902000776 A4VG56DWDT1/32R-NZC02F013S-S
R902000777 A4VG56HWDL2/32L-NAC02F003S-S
R902000794 A4VG40ES/32+A4VG28MS/30
R902000803 A4VG125HDD1/32R-NZX02F011S-S+AZPFF-11
R902000805 A4VG125HDD1/32R-NZX02F011S-S
R902000806 A4VG40EZ1DM1/32R-NSC02N003E-S
R902000814 A4VG125EP2DT1/32R-NAF02F071D
R902000815 A4VG71EP2DT1/32R-NSF02F041D
R902000863 A4VG28EP2D1/32L-NZC10F013S
R902000870 A4VG28EP2DM1/32R-NSC10N00XE-S
R902000884 A4VG125HD/32+A4VG125HD/32
R902000888 A4VG125HDDT1/32R-NAF02F741M-S
R902000892 A4VG125HDDT1/32R-NZF02F001M-S
R902000919 A4VG40NVD2/32R-NZC02F005S
R902000923 A4VG40DA1D8/32R-NZC02F005S
R902001106 A4VG90HDD1/32L-NXD10F001D-S
R902001124 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-SVG145
R902001163 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-ECCOM1,5
R902001182 A4VG28EP11/32L-XZXXXN00XE-S
R902001189 A4VG28EP1/X+A2FM16/X-HM8-2
R902001235 A4VG28EP11/32L-XXXXXN00XE-S
R902001242 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-MW1
R902001259 A4VG125EP2D1/X+A4FM125/X
R902001268 A4VG125EP2D1/32L-XXXXXN001E-S
R902001277 A4VG40EP11/32L-XXXXXN00XE-S
R902001283 A4VG40EP1/X+A4FM40/X-2001283
R902001290 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-02001290
R902001343 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-ECCOM1,5-MW1
R902001344 A4VG40EP1/X+A4FM40/X-ECCOM1,5MW3
R902001345 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-ECCOM1,5
R902001350 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-ECCOM1,5-DFA
R902001374 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-ECCOM1,5-MW1
R902001375 A4VG40EP1/X+A4FM40/X-ECCOM 1,8 MW3
R902001376 A4VG71EP1/X+A4FM71/X-ECCOM3,0
R902001394 A4VG71EP11/32R-XXXXXN001E-S
R902001436 A4VG40EP1/X+A4FM40/X-ECCOM1,8-DFA
R902001444 A4VG40EP1/X+A4FM40/X-ECCOM1,8MW3
R902001452 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-ECCOM1,5-MW1
R902001454 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-ECCOM1,5-DFA
R902001455 A4VG28EP1/X+A4FM28/X-ECCOM1,5-MW1-W
R902001460 A4VG40EP1/X+A4FM40/X-ECCOM1,8 MW3-W
R902002500 A4VG56HWD1/32R-NZC02F023S
R902002502 A4VG180EP2DM1/32R-NZD02F001D-S
R902002520 A4VG28DA13R/30R-PZC10F011S
R902002525 A4VG180EP2D1/32R-NZD02F021D
R902002529 A4VG180HDD1/32L-NSD02F021D
R902002533 A4VG180HDD1/32R-NSD02F691D
R902002560 A4VG71DA1D3R/32R-NZF02F001L
R902002576 A4VG90EP2DM1/32L-NSF02F001P-S
R902002585 A4VG71EP2DM2/32R-NZF02F023L-K
R902002586 A4VG71EP2DM2/32R-NZF02F023L
R902002587 A4VG125HWD1/32L-NZF02F041F
R902002588 A4VG125DGD1/32L-NZF02F001F
R902002620 A4VG71DA2D3L/32R-NZF02F001S
R902002624 A4VG180EZ2DMT1/32R-NZD02F02XP-S
R902002625 A4VG180DA2D2/32R-NZD02F011S
R902002645 A4VG90HWD3L/32R-NZF02F021S
R902002662 A4VG125EP2D2/32R-NZF02F011L
R902002664 A4VG56EZ1D1/32L-NZC02F003S
R902002667 A4VG125EP2D2/32R-NZF02F011L-K
R902002697 A4VG90HDD1/32L-NSF02F041D
R902002704 A4VG56NVD1/32R-NSC02F015D-S
R902002730 A4VG125HDD1/32R-NSF02F011D
R902002733 A4VG125HDD1/32L-NSF02F011D
R902002760 A4VG125EP2DT1/32R-NSF02F691F
R902002793 A4VG40DA1D4/32R-NZC02F015S-S
R902002924 A4VG90DA1DM4/32R-NZF02F021S-S
R902002926 A4VG90DA1D8/32R-NZF02F021S-S
R902002950 A4VG90HDD1/32R-NZX02N001E-S
R902002951 A4VG71HDDM1/32R-NZF02F001F
R902002985 A4VG125HWDT2/32R-NZF02F021F
R902002988 A4VG71DA1D8/32R-NZF02F021F-S
R902002992 A4VG71DA2D2/32R-NZF02F011S
R902003007 A4VG71EP2D1/32R-NSF02K011E
R902003028 A4VG40HDD1/32R-NZX02F013S-S
R902003031 A4VG125EP2D7/32L-NZF02FXX1S-S
R902003035 A4VG125DA2D7/32R-NZF02FXX1S-S
R902003038 A4VG40EP2D1/32L-NZX02F024D-S
R902003042 A4VG71HDD2/32R-NZF02F071F
R902003073 A4VG71HDD1/32L-NZF02F001F

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About Tansportation

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    Qingdao Runfeng Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in hydraulic parts production and international trade. We use the highest quality raw materials for production and provide the highest quality accessories available worldwide. We are your trusted supplier of hydraulic components in China.
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    Engineering Plant
    Hydraulic pumps and motors on equipment such as excavators, pavers, rollers, drills, bulldozers, heavy excavators, road mixers, etc.

    Construction Machine
    Hydraulic pumps, motors, etc. on concrete pump trucks, concrete pump truck transporters, concrete mixer trucks, pile drivers and other equipment.

    Industrial Equipment
    Hydraulic pumps and motors on polyurethane foam machines, ceramic presses, plastic machinery, chemical equipment, metallurgical equipment, etc.

    Ship Aviation
    Towing ship machine. Anchor cranes, cranes, dredgers, dredging vessels, etc. are used in ship control systems and hydraulic pumps and motors in operating systems.

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    About Package


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