Rexroth Hydraulic Piston Pump Displacement 40-260 A11VO

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1. Axial plunger variable pump with swash plate structure, used for hydrostatic transmission in open circuit hydraulic system. 2. Mainly designed for walking machinery applications.

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1. Axial plunger variable pump with swash plate structure, used for hydrostatic transmission in open circuit hydraulic system.

2. Mainly designed for walking machinery applications.

3. Under the condition that the fuel tank is pressurized or the optional built-in filling pump (impeller) is used, the pump operates under the state of automatic starting and filling.

4. Provide various control options to meet various application requirements.

5. The power control option is externally adjustable, even when the pump is running.

6. The through-shaft drive is suitable for adding gear pumps and axial piston pumps, that is, 100% through-shaft drive.

7. The output flow rate is proportional to the driving speed and can be changed steplessly between q V max and q V min = 0.

Technical Data


Model Display

Serial NO. Model
R902000545 A11VO95LRH2/10R-NZD12K82
R902000584 A11VO95LRDS/10L-NZD12K04
R902000599 A11VO95LRDS/10L-NSD12K17
R902000603 A11VO130LRDS/10L-NSD12K17
R902000931 A11VO60LRDC/10R-NZC12N00
R902000935 A11VO60LRDC/10R-NZC12K61
R902000939 A11VO60LRDC+A11VO60LRDC
R902000942 A11VO95LRDS+A10VO45DFR1
R902000953 A11VO40DRS/10L-NZC12N00
R902000971 A11VO250LRU2/10R-NZD12N00
R902000972 A11VO250LRU2/10R-NZD12K67
R902000973 A11VO250LRDH2/10R-NZD12K07
R902000974 A11VO250LRDH2+A10VO71DR
R902002522 A11VO250LRDH2+A10VO71FED
R902003170 A11VO200LRDS+A11VO200LRDS
R902003174 A11VO200LRDS/10R-NZD12K66-S
R902003178 A11VO200LRDS/10R-NZD12K02-S
R902003217 A11VO95LRDH1/10R-NZD12K04
R902003221 A11VO95LRDH1/10+A11VO40DRS/10
R902003302 A11VO130LR/10R-NSD12K02
R902003484 A11VO60LRDS/10R-NSC12K01
R902003489 A11VO130LG1DH2/10L-NZD12N00
R902003671 A11VO60EP2D/10R-NSC12N00
R902003748 A11VO40EP2D/10R-NSC12K01
R902003752 A11VO95LRH1+A11VO95LRH1
R902003756 A11VO95LRDH1/10R-NZD12K82
R902003803 A11VO95DRG/10L-NZD12K02
R902003809 A11VO40DR/10+A11VO40DR/10
R902003814 A11VO40DR/10R-NPC12K04
R902003818 A11VO40DR/10R-NSC12N00
R902003835 A11VO130EP2D/10R-NZD12N00
R902003841 A11VO60EP2D/10R-NZC12K02
R902003852 A11VO130DRG/10L-NZD12K02
R902003874 A11VO130LRDH2/10R-NPD12K01
R902003908 A11VO95LRH1/10R-NZD12K82
R902003969 A11VO200EP2/10R-NPD12K01
R902004505 A11VO250DRG/10R-NPD12K01
R902004688 A11VO250DRG/10L-NPD12K02
R902004698 A11VO250DRG/10R-NPD12K02
R902004707 A11VO160EP2/10R-NPD12K01
R902004814 A11VO75DRS+A11VO75DRS
R902004818 A11VO75DRS/10R-NTD12K81
R902004822 A11VO75DRS/10R-NZD12N00
R902004853 A11VO130DRG+A11VO60DRG
R902004857 A11VO130DRG/10R-NPD12K61
R902004861 A11VO60DRG/10R-NZC12K04
R902004870 A11VO60EP2D/10R-NPC12N00
R902004915 A11VO200LRDH2+A11VO200LRDH2
R902004919 A11VO200LRDH2/10R-NPD12K66
R902004923 A11VO200LRDH2/10R-NZD12N00
R902004936 A11VO130LRG/10R-NPD12N00
R902004998 A11VO60LRH1/10R-NTC12K61
R902005002 A11VO60LRH1/10R-NZC12K02
R902005071 A11VO250LRDS/10L-NSD12N00
R902005077 A11VO250LRH1/10R-NPD12N00
R902005095 A11VO250EP2D/10L-NPD12N00V-S
R902005099 A11VO250EP2D/10L-NPD12K67V-S
R902005103 A11VO250EP2D/10L-NZD12N00V-S
R902005107 A11VO250EP2D+A11VO250EP2D
R902005111 A11VO250EP2D/10R-NPD12K67V-S
R902005115 A11VO250EP2D/10R-NZD12N00V-S
R902005119 A11VO250EP2D+A11VO250EP2D
R902005151 A11VO60DRS/10R-NSC12K07
R902005501 A11VO40EP2/10R-NZC12N00
R902005514 A11VO75HD1D/10R-NSD12N00
R902005539 A11VO95LRDS/10R-NSD12K07-S
R902005582 A11VO130DRS/10R-NSD12N00
R902005586 A11VO160DRS/10R-NSD12K17
R902005591 A11VO200LRDU2/10R-NZD12N00
R902005604 A11VO200DR/10R-NPD12N00
R902005614 A11VO250LRD/10L-NPD12N00
R902005628 A11VO60DRS/10L-NZC12N00-S
R902005663 A11VO160DRG/10R-NZD12K02
R902005703 A11VO60LRDS+A11VO60LRDS
R902005707 A11VO60LRDS/10R-NSC12K07
R902005711 A11VO60LRDS/10R-NSC12N00
R902005778 A11VO250DRL/10R-NZD12K67
R902005782 A11VO250DRL/10R-NZD12N00
R902005786 A11VO250DRL+A11VO250DRL
R902005909 A11VO130LRDS/10L-NSD12K01
R902005914 A11VO95EP2D/10L-NZD12N00
R902005925 A11VO75LR/10R-NPD12N00
R902006058 A11VO75LRDU2/10R-NZD12K01
R902006100 A11VO250EP2/10R-NPD12K83
R902006137 A11VO130LRDS+A10VO71DFR
R902006286 A11VO40HD1D/10+A11VO40HD1D/10
R902006289 A11VO40HD1D/10R-NZC12K04
R902006292 A11VO40HD1D/10R-NSC12N00
R902006305 A11VO95LRG/10R-NPD12K07
R902006309 A11VO95LRG+A10VO100DR
R902006435 A11VO75DR/10R-NPD12N00
R902006459 A11VO260DRG/11+A11VO160DRG
R902006490 A11VO260DRG/11R-NZD12K84
R902007090 A11VO60EP2G/10R-NPC12N00
R902007113 A11VO75EP2D/10R-NZD12K01E
R902007134 A11VO250EP2D/10+A11VO75EP2D/10-K
R902007197 A11VO130DRS/10R-NPD12K61
R902007290 A11VO130LRCS+A10VO45DFLR
R902007308 A11VO200DRG/10R-NSD12K24V
R902007313 A11VO160DRS/10R-NPD12N00

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About Tansportation

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    Qingdao Runfeng Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has more than ten years of experience in hydraulic parts production and international trade. We use the highest quality raw materials for production and provide the highest quality accessories available worldwide. We are your trusted supplier of hydraulic components in China.
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    Product Application



    Engineering Plant
    Hydraulic pumps and motors on equipment such as excavators, pavers, rollers, drills, bulldozers, heavy excavators, road mixers, etc.

    Construction Machine
    Hydraulic pumps, motors, etc. on concrete pump trucks, concrete pump truck transporters, concrete mixer trucks, pile drivers and other equipment.

    Industrial Equipment
    Hydraulic pumps and motors on polyurethane foam machines, ceramic presses, plastic machinery, chemical equipment, metallurgical equipment, etc.

    Ship Aviation
    Towing ship machine. Anchor cranes, cranes, dredgers, dredging vessels, etc. are used in ship control systems and hydraulic pumps and motors in operating systems.

    About Package

    About Package


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