Use and maintenance of hydraulic pump

1.Oil supply method of hydraulic pump           

  The direct axis swashplate plunger pump is divided into two types: pressure oil supply type and self-priming type. The pressure oil supply type hydraulic pump mostly selects the oil tank with air pressure, and also has the hydraulic pump itself with the oil make-up pump to supply the pressure oil to the oil inlet of the hydraulic pump. The self-priming hydraulic pump has a strong self-priming. For the hydraulic oil tank supplied by air pressure, the operation of the machine can only be adjusted after the hydraulic oil tank reaches the operating air pressure. If the air pressure of the hydraulic oil tank is short, it will act as a machine, which will pull off the hydraulic pump and the sliding whip, and cause abnormal wear of the return plate and the pressing plate in the pump. Select the plunger pump supplied by the make-up oil pump. After use, the operator needs to check the plunger pump 1-2 times a day to see whether the operation of the hydraulic pump is normal. If it is found that the speed of the hydraulic cylinder drops or the vehicle is blocked, it is necessary to check whether there is any phenomenon on the edge of the impeller and whether the empty position of the internal gear pump is too large.
For self-priming plunger pump, the oil in the hydraulic oil tank shall not be lower than the lower limit of the oil level, and a satisfactory amount of hydraulic oil shall be maintained. The higher the cleanliness of hydraulic oil, the longer the service life of hydraulic pump.           

2 bearing for hydraulic pump          

  The main component of the plunger pump is the bearing. If the bearing has clearance, the normal space of the three pairs of friction pairs in the hydraulic pump cannot be made, and the thickness of hydrostatic support oil film of each friction pair will be damaged, and the service life of the bearing of the plunger pump will be reduced. According to the materials supplied by the hydraulic pump manufacturer, the uniform service life of the bearing is 10000h.
For the disassembled bearing, it is impossible to check the clearance of the bearing without checking the instrument. Only visual inspection can be used, such as scratch or discoloration on the roller surface.

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