Replacement Of Hydraulic Working Medium

Even if we do a good job of maintaining the hydraulic working medium, the hydraulic working medium will gradually age and deteriorate during use. To a certain extent, it must be replaced in time to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system. So, how to determine whether the hydraulic medium should be replaced? Runfront has compiled the following three methods for everyone:


1.Regular replacement:
Each working medium has a certain service life, due to replacement, normal operation of equipment, correct daily maintenance, this method is generally used.

2.Experience judgment:
According to the observation of the color, smell, transparency or turbidity of the hydraulic medium, the presence or absence of sediment, etc., to compare the new hydraulic medium or rely on previous experience to determine whether it should be replaced in time.

3.Laboratory confirmation:
If the medium ages and deteriorates, the physical and chemical indexes of the hydraulic medium will change, and the medium will be sampled and tested regularly to determine whether to replace it through the test results. This is an objective and scientific method, which is more reliable than the previous two.


In addition to the replacement problem, we must also pay attention to safety issues. When using hydraulic fluids, pay attention to fire safety; phosphoric acid has a strong degreasing function, which can make the touched skin dry and cracked. Wash with running water and soap immediately after accidentally touching.

The above points should be noted for the replacement of hydraulic working medium. For experienced hydraulic pump repair personnel, the second method can be used to judge. If it is inexperienced or inexperienced, it is recommended to take the first or first three methods.

Post time: Jul-24-2020