Fixing Method Of Insufficient Output Oil Pressure Of Hydraulic Motor

The maintenance of hydraulic motors is generally said to be part of the repair of hydraulic pumps, because many people are used to calling hydraulic motors also known as hydraulic pumps, and hydraulic motors can indeed work in place of hydraulic pumps under certain circumstances. There are many failure phenomena of hydraulic motors. Today we analyze the causes and discharge methods of hydraulic motors with insufficient output oil pressure:

Reasons for insufficient output oil pressure of hydraulic motor:

1) The efficiency of the hydraulic pump is too low

2) Insufficient pressure adjustment or failure of the relief valve

3) The resistance of the tubing is too large (the pipeline is too long or too thin)

4) The viscosity of the oil is small and the internal leakage is large

The elimination method of insufficient hydraulic pressure of hydraulic motor output:

1) Check the hydraulic pump failure and eliminate it

2) Check the malfunction of the relief valve, and then increase the pressure after removing it

3) Replace the pipe with larger aperture or minimize the length

4) Check the sealing of the internal leakage part, replace the oil or seal

Post time: Aug-07-2020