Adjust of Hydraulic Pump

The inspection and maintenance of the  is one of the important parts of the inspection and maintenance of the entire hydraulic system. However, due to the variety of hydraulic equipment, the working occasions, loads and environmental conditions and use requirements of hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors are different, so the main points of hydraulic pump adjustment can only be briefly introduced from the system perspective.


All pressure control valves, flow control valves, regulators of hydraulic pumps, and signal devices such as pressure relays, travel switches, and thermal relays must be adjusted during initial commissioning and continuous monitoring of various settings during the initial working phase Value, and periodically check it later.

The system pressure should be set as low as possible to prevent unnecessary fluid heating. In some cases, this setting can be higher than the necessary static pressure by 0. 4-}-1. 5MPa to overcome the dynamic pressure Descend or reach the correct acceleration.

Systems that use pressure-compensated variable pumps or unloading relief valves are usually protected by an additional relief valve to prevent overload. The opening pressure of this safety valve should be 1^-3MPa higher than the set pressure of the pump regulator or unloading relief valve.

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In the early stage of the hydraulic pump, adjust various control valve switches and the like to ensure that the adjustment of the hydraulic pump will not affect the future hydraulic system work due to adjustment problems. Therefore, the adjustment of the hydraulic pump in the early stage is very important. If the adjustment problem leads to the low efficiency of the hydraulic pump and affects the progress of the entire project, for the user, it is undoubtedly worth the loss.

Post time: Jul-09-2020